Where is Kia made? history of Kia company & who makes Kia

Where is Kia made? Kia Motors Corporation is another famous and popular Asian brand. The headquarters of this Korean (South Korea) multinational brand is located in Seoul. Kia is a little younger than other car manufacturing giants in the world. But being young does not mean this lovely company’s lacks quality and inexperience. As you know, the products of this company have many fans all over the world.

Kia is considered one of the most popular automobile brands worldwide and has a special position in the global market. After Hyundai Motor Company, the Kia brand is the largest car manufacturer in South Korea. These two big and popular companies have always been partners with each other and compete in peace and friendship. You may be interested to know that Kia means “from the east,” which refers to East Asia.

A look at the history of the Kia company

Our popular Asian brand was established in December 1944 as a steel pipe and bicycle parts manufacturer. The first domestic Korean bicycle, Samchully, was produced in 1951, less than ten years later. In 1952, the company, originally known as Kyungsung Precision, changed its name to Kia Industries. After changing its name, this business started producing small motorcycles under the Japanese company Honda. Trucks under the Mazda brand license, and car production. Only in 1973, the 75-year-old brand had a dedicated factory for producing cars, and the first official factory was opened in the same year. Until 1981, this company was responsible for producing and distributing the Kia Brisa model. Before the closure and consolidation of the business by the military dictator, Du-Huan, the company assembled cars of its own making and models licensed by Fiat and Peugeot. After Chun Du-Huan ‘s actionKia was forced to enter the field of light trucks. Fortunately, after five years, this company entered into a partnership with the American Ford and returned to the automobile industry. Before this partnership, it could produce only 26 cars. For some time, this company produced models based on some other companies’ products, which were suitable both for domestic use and export to other countries.

These products include Kia Pride, designed based on the Mazda 121, and Avella. Both of these models performed well in North America. In 1992, Kia Motors was established in North America. This company expanded its brand in the United States of America. In 1994, the Sephia model was sold in this country, and after a few years, it was the turn of the Sportage model to rule.

In 1997, when Asia had a financial crisis, this company went to the brink of bankruptcy, but after a year, this company passed this situation with the help of Hyundai. These two companies signed an agreement according to which Hyundai became the owner of 51% of Kia shares . With that, Ford was cut out of the deal. Currently, Hyundai owns a third of Kia. Kia also owns 22 subsets of the Hyundai brand. Since 2005, the main focus of this Korean brand has been on the vibrant European market, so it is a tough competitor for other automotive giants in this market. This serious focus led to the hiring of a talented designer named Peter Schreier and his appointment as the head of the design team. Mr. Schreier designed a new front window for this brand, ” Tiger Nose ” .) Is known. In 2006, thanks to Hyundai and the American market, the company’s situation became favorable enough that Kia of America invested an amount equivalent to one billion US dollars in its Georgia home. This factory was established in 2010 after the 15th anniversary of the proud presence of this brand in the North American market.

Six years ago, something happened that is considered a proud springboard for this company. Pope Francis, the leader of the world Catholics, who visited South Korea, rode the Kia Soul, one of the brand’s most popular models, during his five-day trip. This product became more popular than other models during Pope’s visits, as it had a prominent presence at his welcome ceremony.

Four years ago, in 2016, this brand became the most reliable car manufacturer in the American market and was the first non-luxury company to be at the top of this prestigious list.

Four top models from the Kia brand

Kia Stinger

This mid-size model entered the market for the first time in 2017. Its design is derived from the Kia GT concept model. Its luxury competitors are Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series.

Kia Forte Kia Forte

This model is a compact and economical car in terms of fuel. Since 2009, this model has been updated many times and has made significant improvements.

Niro EV power

This attractive electric model has an equivalent range of 239 miles and is suitable for daily use. This model has many safety standards and is completely reliable.

Kia Sorento

The popular and well-known Kia Sorento is perfect for large families or people who spend most of their time with friends. The V6 engine and AWD capability have made this model very popular.

Author: Prasto Mehdi Qolikhan

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