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Where Is Kia Made?

Kia Motors, now part of the Hyundai-Kia Automobile Group, was founded in Seoul in May 1944. This company is the oldest motor vehicle manufacturer in South Korea.

Kia in the vicissitudes of history
The beginning of cooperation between Kia and Hyundai
Kia activities
Kia Motors brand cars

It is interesting to know that the Kia company started its work under the name of “Kyungsong Precision Industries” and did not have any activity in the field of automobiles. It was a small factory that produced steel pipes and bicycle and motorcycle parts. In 1952, it launched the first Korean bicycle named “Samcholi” and changed its name to “Kia Industries” (“ki” means raised and “a” means East Asia: raised from East Asia). This company originated from East Asia and continued to produce light and heavy vehicles under the license of Mazda and small motorcycles under the license of Honda.

In 1973, the first Kia car assembly plant was launched with the production of Berisa model, and the production of this model continued until 1981. After the military dictator, Chon Dohwan came to power, Kia was forced to shut down its passenger car production line and produce only light trucks. In 1986, Kia returned to the automobile industry in cooperation with Ford. At that time, Kia was able to produce vehicles designed on the basis of Mazda for domestic and foreign markets. In 1992, Kia Motors America was launched, selling Kia vehicles through four dealerships in Portland.

The beginning of cooperation between Kia and Hyundai

In 1997, in the midst of the Asian economic crisis, Kia filed for bankruptcy. This time, Hyundai helped Kia and these two companies signed a cooperation agreement in 1998. According to this deal, Hyundai will own 51% of Kia and Ford will be left out. Currently, Hyundai owns one-third of Kia’s shares.

In 2006, Peter Schreier was hired as the head of the design team. Shrier presented a mesh design for the car’s front grille, known as the “tiger nose”, which was very noteworthy. Another milestone in Kia’s increased visibility was in 2014 when Pope Francis rode in a Kia Soul car during his visit to Korea, bringing global attention to the Korean brand once again. With many efforts and valuations of this company, in 2016 Kia won the first rank of reliability in America.

Kia activities
Today, Kia produces more than 1.4 million vehicles per year. Their production and assembly process is done in 8 different countries. These vehicles are sold and serviced through a network of 3,000 distributors and dealers covering 172 countries. More than 40,000 people are working in Kia. The annual revenue of the company is estimated at 49.89 billion dollars.

In its home country of South Korea, Kia has three main car manufacturing plants (Husang, Suhari, and Gwangju), a global R&D centre (located in Namyang with 8,000 technicians), and a dedicated environmental R&D centre. The Biotechnology Research Institute near Seoul focuses on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as well as technologies and processes for recycling end-of-life vehicles. Kia spends 6% of its annual income on research and development and setting up research centres in America, Japan and Germany.

Kia Motors sponsors many sporting and non-sporting events and celebrities in various fields and cooperates with sports associations such as FIFA and UEFA.


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