What is BMW meaning? BMW logo

BMW meaning and BMW logo

“Fred Jacobs,” one of the directors of “BMW Classic,” says: Many people think the BMW logo is a symbol of an airplane propeller, but the truth is completely different! The story of naming BMW goes back to 1917. When its managers buy an aircraft engine manufacturing company called Rapp Motorenwerke in Munich, the capital of the state of Bavaria in southern Germany, and change the name of the company to Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works in English. The company’s technical equipment and human resources did not change. In the beginning, their only work was producing and repairing aircraft engines for the German Air Force in World War I, and they had no other customers. BMW had no logo for the first few months of its existence.
State symbol of Bavaria
On October 5, 1917, the first BMW logo was registered at the German Royal Trademark Registry. The black ring around it was taken from the initial logo of Rapp Motor Company. The golden ring and BMW letters were attached to this logo.
The blue and white quarter circles symbolize the state of Bavaria, but the places were reversed. The reason for this inversion of the blue and white place in the BMW logo was the local trademark law at the time, which prohibited using government emblems or other sovereign symbols in commercial logos.

What is BMW meaning?

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) and was founded on March 7, 1916.

This flag was used in the 1924 Berlin Exhibition.
This flag dates back to the early 1920s and shows BMW’s field of activity:
producing engines for airplanes, automobiles, agricultural equipment, and boats.

The first time the city people saw this logo was in 1923 on the fuel tank of his first motorcycle, the BMW R 32.

BMW logo history!

BMW logo history!
In 1929, BMW faced an economic crisis. To get out of this crisis, BMW produced new aircraft engines under the license of Pratt and Witney and designed an advertisement for them. In this advertisement, BMW wanted to convey its expertise and experience in making airplane engines to its customers and placed its logo on the airplane’s propeller. It was from this year that the story that the blue and white quarters inside the BMW logo are meant to be the propeller of the plane became widespread. It’s interesting that the managers of BMW company, who saw it as an interesting achievement, never strongly denied it!

BMW meaning and BMW logo

BMW, but it was not the case! He repeated this idea in an article he published in 1942 titled “Airplane Engine News”. In this article, which had a picture of an airplane, the airplane’s propeller was made into the shape of the BMW logo. It’s like they found the place for the logo! Benz has achievements and BMW has achievements too.

BMW meaning and BMW logo

The last word
The only person from BMW who has been very clear about this is Fred Jacobs, Director of BMW Classic Group Archives, who says: “For a long time, BMW didn’t make much of an effort to correct this story … This interpretation has been the norm for 90 years, so now It has found a certain justification and acceptance.”

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